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I’m sad to admit that it’s been a very loooong time since I’ve been to a music concert, but I still have vivid memories of the amazing Lilith Fair, the awesome all-female touring music festival back in the late 90s.

Well, it’s back, mamas, and if you missed Lilith Fair the first time around then I strongly suggest you snag a sitter now, grab some girlfriends, and make a night of it. The brainchild of superstar (and mom) Sarah McLachlan and friends, this phenomenal gathering of women artists features some of the hottest musicians bridging across all musical genres and generations (bring your kids! Bring your moms!) and they’ll be sharing their talent at over 35 venues in the US and Canada this summer.

You’ll find everyone from Carly Simon and Loretta Lynn, to Mary J. Blige, Cat Power, Nora Jones and Sheryl Crow, plus The Go-Gos, The Bangles (whoo!), and a slew of other fantastic favorites, some of whom rarely perform anymore. (Heart!) You’ll find more at the festival than singers belting out their classics, like one-of-a-kind collaborative performances, and of course the joy of a day out of the house being your womanly, music-loving self.

lilith fair
Seriously, one night of Lilith Fair and you’ll be all caught up on your concert attendance in a few hours flat. -Kristen

Is Lilith Fair coming to a city near you? Check out the complete tour listings at the Lilith Fair homepage. Also, you can now find Sara McLachlan’s first album in 7 years, Laws of Illusion, from our affiliate Amazon. It’s lovely!

Congratulations to lucky Lilith Fair ticket winners – Monica Y, Lisa C, Barbara B, Leigh L, and Melissa H!

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