Phil & Teds MetooOne of the greatest joys of travel is not having to cook, do dishes or feel the slightest bit insulted when one of my kids pushes something off their plate. Yes, I do love eating out, though I know all too well what can happen when I arrive at some funky little eatery for lunch and the few kids’ high chairs are already in use: Unrestrained toddler mayhem.

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Thankfully, BYOHC, or bring-your-own-high-chair, isn’t as crazy as
it sounds, especially if you check out the Phil & Teds Metoo travel high chair.

It’s the perfect little folding high chair for those who can sit up on their own but are way too small and wiggly to sit in a grown-up chair comfortably. Attaching it doesn’t take a Masters in Engineering, but rather a few twists of the knobs which secures the sturdy aluminum frame to a tabletop or counter.

And though it’s a mere two pounds, the Metoo can hold kids up to 40 pounds but is still small enough to be tossed into the stroller storage basket when mealtime is over. And if your table looks anything like mine after a meal, you can beat a hasty exit before the waitstaff has a chance to see the aftermath. Just don’t forget the big tip. -Christina

Phil & Teds Metoo folding travel highchair can be found at their website.
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Edited: The CPSC has issued a consumer alert for the Phil & Teds Metoo travel high chair. Visit their site for more details.