Central Park Picnic Blanket
I’m always kind of envious of those other more-prepared-than-I-am moms. You know the ones: They have an extra sippy cup when one falls on the ground, they carry Band-Aids everywhere, and they’re never without an extra snack or two.

Ah, but do they have a picnic blanket in that bag of theirs? Because now I do. (Hmmm, I wonder if that makes me one of them?)

Either way, the Central Park Picnic Blanket from Skip*Hop has been
making my spring and summer much easier (and way more fun!) ever since we received one to check out. From trips
to the park to a quick snack in the backyard, my kids are now requesting
picnics wherever we go. And unlike when I’ve had to carry some bulky
blanket around (which, let me assure you, I have rarely agreed to do),
it’s actually simple to bring this blanket along.

It’s got a detachable strap that can be worn messenger style or
as a backpack and it folds up into its own easy-to-carry package.
There’s even a little removable cooler bag that can hold a couple of
drinks, snacks, and an ice pack if you’re brave enough to make a day
trip out of it.

It’s water-resistant, comes in two funky prints and, as an added
bonus, I think it’s kind of nice to know it’s BPA-free, phthalate-free,
and PVC-free, too.

So if you’re out and about (or ‘oot and aboot’) in Toronto this
summer, keep an eye out for my family chilling on our picnic blanket and
come say hello. But be warned: However prepared I may appear, I’ll
probably still have to borrow a bandage if my kid falls. –Stephanie

Find the Central Park
Picnic Blanket
online at Skip*Hop and lots of other places.


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