Ubabub modern baby cribsBack about six years ago when I was shopping for our first crib, they were still made only for sleeping babies and not for their style-conscious parents. But these days, moms have a whole array of amazing, inspired options, and one of the most incredible we’ve ever seen are the super cool new Ubabub cots.

Most of the newer, modern designer cribs at baby furniture stores still give some sort of nod to
the old classic bar sided cribs, but not Ubabub, which really has reinvented crib design. The versatile Pod
(pictured) as well as the mid-century inspired Nifty Clear, feature
futuristic acrylic sides that definitely make more of a statement than
“Yep, my baby sleeps here.” Then these mod cribs transform into equally cool toddler beds, so you definitely get your fill of coolness long after your fear of bumpers and pillows has gone away.

Of course, unique, modern design
doesn’t come cheap, so save your pennies if you want an Ubabub in your nursery. Or rather, Bennies. -Kristen

can find more information about these modern design baby cribs
at Ubabub.
Right now, they’re only available in Australia, so if you dig these,
let them know – and maybe they’ll get them stateside soon!