organic stroller toy
I still remember my daughter’s first “friend” – a garish stroller toy that we dubbed Guy the Giraffe pronounced the French way, Gee, because it was the one sound my three month-old made. Oh how she loved that thing. And sucked its antlers. Every chance she got.

If MiYim had been making their adorable organic stroller
back then, I’d have traded in Guy in a second. Or at least
found him some company.
organic stroller toy rattle
There’s an adorable bumblebee (shown) with
equally suckable antennae; plus a ladybug and caterpillar, all made in
subtle, subdued shades of organic cotton. There’s even a little musical
chime inside to keep things jangly.

If you’d rather your kids gnaw on veggies instead, check
out the stroller
toy rattles
that look like summer’s great bounty–strawberries,
peas, and corn. They are organic, after all. –Liz

Find a selection of organic
stroller toys
online at Pink
and learn more about the excellent organic toys from MiYim on
their website.


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