Looking around the mega stores I sometimes think we’re supposed to be
dressing our boys like country club members or just plain generically. Well hooray for dads Manny Cabrera and Pedro Tuma, and their passion to dress their boys in clothes that represented their own personal style–hip hop and street wear.

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Well, Bumps
& Bruises
clothing line to the rescue.

Manny and Pedro had years of experience in t-shirt design before
they became dads, but spotting a void in the cool boys wear arena they
took matters into their own hands. These soft cotton tees are super
tough and feature designs inspired by motorcycle culture and hip hop chains
that will make your kid the coolest one in his playgroup.

I love it; now even the Sesame Street set can rock the look of
the hood. Am I saying that right? -Betsy

Grab a few of these fresh tees at Bumps & Bruises now
to take advantage of their special free t-shirt promotion: Buy two before July 23 and get a free “We da Best” limited edition tee.

Congratulations to Sabriya K, lucky winner of the Bumps & Bruises tee!


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