earthlust stainless water bottle
Sure, my husband is happy with his solid blue, no-name water bottle. But he also eats the exact same ham sandwich every day and owns an endless army of white socks. Me, I want my environmentally conscious, BPA-free water bottle to be as colorful and artistic as the rest of my life. Bonus points if it matches my argyle sock collection.

Cool Mom Picks mentioned Earthlust back when BPA first became a more widely recognized no-no, and even
then their artwork stood out from the safe water bottle pack. The latest collection of limited edition stainless steel water bottles in three different sizes continues to
impress with hip, creative designs that will satisfy design-conscious women, our manly men, and
our wacky kids.

The Bird Cage, Heart, Purple Lotus (shown above), and Dried Flowers
designs have a nature-chic design that I love, while the new Ram bottle
will make a great replacement once my husband inevitably loses Boring
Blue Bottle #3. And the 13 oz.plaid frog design for kids also works for moms, who–ahem–may hog the bottle.

stainless steel baby bottles from earthlust
the artwork is what catches my eye, the promise of 100% eco-safe
stainless steel is what holds my attention. Even the caps and caribiners are produced thoughtfully. And the water tastes great– not metallic at all, like some no-name bottles.

Bonus: Earthlust now offers 2-pack replacement tops for
their Birds & Bees line of stainless steel baby botties. The tops help infants and toddlers transition from bottle to sippy
without that bewildering trip to the Endless Wall of Sippies, where my
eyes glaze over as I search for safe options. ~Delilah

Check out the new limited edition line of stainless steel water
at Earthlust. and get 25% off with discount code COOLMOM. Shipping is
free when you order from their website.


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