It was a mystery. Suddenly, they were popping up all over Facebook. And now I know where everyone created those adorable collages of their kids. The website is called Photovisi, but I think of it as “Photocollages for Dummies”– definitely including myself in the category.

It’s so easy, my grandmother could do it. And you don’t have to
download any software or commit to a name-brand photo site–two of my
pet peeves–because the photos come straight from your computer.

You simply
select from over 20 templates, choose to add photos from your computer
or from a webcam, and add as many photos as the collage will hold. Then
you can arrange the photos, move them around, change the background
color, or add a background photo. Go crazy! Once you’re happy, you can
download your collage or add it to a mug or a t-shirt or something else from

Photo savvy folks will find that it lacks
sophistication, such as any color effects or image control. I was also a
little annoyed to get to my final collage and try the “Share This”
button, but it doesn’t share *your* collage, it shares the URL for
Photovisi. If you want to upload your collage directly to Facebook, you
have to download an app, first, which I wasn’t willing to do, because I
watched too much X Files in the 90’s and don’t trust anyone.

if you want to spend 5 minutes making a free collage, by all means, go
for it. After all, your kids are awfully cute, and “free” is my favorite

Make photocollages at Photovisi


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