Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown - maternity hospital gown I know none of us cared what we looked like during the moments our
babies were born. The health of baby and mama were the most important things in the universe, and there was very little room for vanity. But when I think back to all the hours (many many hours) before and after that
newborn snuggle came, I know I would have liked to feel a little bit less like a linebacker and a little more feminine.

I would have loved to be wearing this Pretty
Pushers delivery gown
. It would have eliminated the inevitable
cringe at that picture of me and my newborn baby where I looked like one
big rectangle of light blue.

This pretty hospital gown can be worn with
all monitoring devices including an epidural, so doctors don’t have to
worry about it interfering with the birth process. And perhaps it will
make mama feel a little more feminine on those long walks up and down
the hallway begging the baby to get a move on.

While this
delivery gown caught my eye for being pretty, I remained interested
based on it being affordable. I don’t think $24 is much money to spend
for something that will make us feel even a tiny bit attractive during
those long delivery hours. They also have a very pretty organic hospital
for you organic-minded mamas with a few extra dollars to
spend. –Carrie

Find both the Pretty
Pushers Delivery Gown
and the Pretty
Pushers Organic Delivery Gown
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