Asteroids Atari wall decals by BlikI remember vividly the first time I played Atari. The angels sang in a joyous chorus (in my head) as I spent the next two hours rotating a dial to move a single white line up and down the screen as a square ball bounced back and forth. Pong. Even now the word conjures up happy memories. 

As it happens I’m in the process of converting a playroom that
used to be strewn with toy cars and wooden blocks into a space fit for
my tween. So I turned to Blik, one of our favorite wall decal companies, who just released their Atari Collection.

Pick from Pong, Centipede or Asteroids
wall decals and decorate away. And for those of you with commitment issues, this
collection of wall decals are re-stickable, so you can easily move them
around or change themes without damaging your walls. The only hard part? Trying to prove to your Wii-obsessed kid that Pong really was fun.–Betsy

Order your Blik re-stik Atari decals at