New Fall Collection TOMS Wedges
It seems like just yesterday I was proclaiming my love for the new TOMS wedges for summer. And I pretty much was, actually, but now that fall is around the corner, wouldn’t you know TOMS launched a new line just in time for me to make the switch.

These shoes are as fun and comfortable as a pair
of your favorite canvas sneaks except they’ve got an awesome wedge heel and an adorable peep toe. The new line of TOMS wedges
features the exact same design that I love, except in rich, gorgeous
colors, like the cranberry (pictured) and black, which I know a lot of women were asking for, as well as a cool fabric-covered wedge.

I realize many folks won’t be able to wear these shoes too far into fall. But the way the weather has been down here in the Deep
South, I have a feeling I might be wearing that black wedge to holiday parties. -Kristen

Check out the new Fall line of TOMS Wedges at the TOMS website. And don’t forget – for every pair of shoes you buy, TOMS donates a pair of kids’ shoes to a child in need.

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