scissors paper cake
My daughter’s fourth birthday is coming up, and I spend a good bit of time daydreaming of mastering fondant, hand calligraphing creamy envelopes, and crafting a birthday banner in lovely watercolor washes over newspaper.

Ha freakin’ ha.

Instead, we’re booked for the local germ-encrusted bounce house, where pizza is the only option and invitations come pre-printed with stock photos. Her idea. And so my inner Martha Stewart dies a little more. But if I could make my own party vision into a website, I’ve found exactly what it would look like.

The site scissors.paper.cake is a collaboration by paper company Imprintables and baker Hello Naomi,
both in Australia. If you’re looking for those special details to turn
your kid’s party into the sort of affair that everyone talks about for
years, this is it.

Four party themes are currently on display to make
you utterly jealous and give you fabulous inspiration– fairies, candy,
monsters, and cars. And more things are posted daily on the Imprintables blog. I don’t know which I like more, the clever ideas or the sort of light-drenched photography that makes me salivate.

The best news is that if you see something you can’t live without–or
something you could tweak for your own upcoming bash–most of it is
available for purchase via the Imprintables website. Of course, the cakes, cookies,
and other sweet treats from Hello Naomi would have to be replicated by
your local fancy baker, because freshness is hard to insure all the way
from Australia.

Freshness of sweet thinking, though? Always free to
enjoy that plunder from down under.~Delilah

Find great party ideas at scissors.paper.cake and the Imprintables blog. Purchase paper goods, including gorgeous
invitations, paper straws, and banners from Imprintables. (But remember all sites are in Australian dollars, and shipping costs to the US may be fierce.)

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