Time Out To Rock! kindie music CD by The Not-Its
When Seattle’s The Not-Its! blasted onto the kids music scene last year with their debut We Are The Not-Its!, I took a lot of notice. It wasn’t just that the songs were great indie rock tunes. It was that their sound was so tight and authentic, they sounded like a band that had been together for ages. 

It’s now another year, my kids are each a few inches taller, and The Not-Its! are ready to rock our minivan again.

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I loved Sarah Shannon’s pretty vocals which she led the 90’s indie band Velocity Girl, and here they contrast against a driving bass line, electric guitars and pounding drums on the sophmore album, Time Out To Rock! In other words: This ain’t no lullaby CD. 

Songs like Green Light, Go! are so cool, I’d play them louder if I wasn’t worried about things like my kids’ eardrums. And I love that it’s a girl singing lead and another playing bass since I harbor a secret dream that my girls will rock out someday. 
Don’t worry—the lyrics aren’t all aggro, but instead repeat the kinds of lessons we want our offspring to remember. Like be nice to the new girl in your class, accidents sometimes happen, and speak up against a bully. 
While my kids become human jumping beans for most of the CD, there are moments of gentle swaying, if not total stillness. The final acoustic song, Hollow Tree is an absolutely lovely ode to the most wonderful parts of being a parent. It breaks my heart into a million pieces every time I listen to the lyrics. But, that’s okay. I just hit replay and the first squeal of guitar perks us up again. -Christina

Congratulations to Chris M, lucky winner of a copy of Time Out to Rock!

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