The Kids Are All IdSuper storyteller/singer Randy Kaplan is no ordinary kids’ music performer. Oh, sure, he may sing about monkeys, bears and queen bees, but on his latest CD he also has my kids asking me to explain Freud, the definition of Hebrew terms, and even why someone might be happier with no money. 

In other words, if you’ve got a precocious, question-everything kid, meet the perfect CD to get them thinking while they sing along. 
(see the giveaway after the jump!)  

Following up his much-beloved Loquat Rooftop, The Kids Are All Id kicks off with the bouncy banjo-y My Little Laugh about a kid who laughs at adversity and cries when happy. From there, the CD covers everything from The Herbrew-Speaking Bear who can kibbitz with the best of them, to Is She a Girl or Is She a Monkey, a smooth-as-silk song that describes my middle child to a T. Randy sings and talks his way through an hour-long potpourri of music and stories. 

My favorite song on the CD, The Kid is All Id, is a sort of parental rap for anyone who has lived through the toddler years. It includes the best, most-surprising reference to weaning that had me spit-laugh the first time I heard it. 
And I love his imaginative trio of songs Whistle for Willie, Dream Hat and I Like Cacti which are inspired by the lovely Ezra Jack Keats’ picture books. It all ends with a wistful cover of Forever Young which is the perfect closing for a CD that appeals to the smart side of kids, as well as their parents.-Christina

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