Every few months (okay, every year or so) I take my son into New York City and hit one of the many art museums. After all, who doesn’t want their child to have an appreciation of art? Evidently I’m not alone.

New Editions
believes you shouldn’t have to look any further than the walls of your
home to surround your child with art that will inspire and interest
them. Founded by an artist, art gallery director and an art historian, this site features collections of small-run prints commissioned from working contemporary artists, all with kids in mind.

You won’t find princesses and choo-choos in this art collection — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Instead, there’s a wide range of fine art prints in styles to suit every taste and every décor, from abstract, to photography to my favorite, pop art.

Make no mistake, these are not posters. They are actual works of art,
printed on high-quality archival paper with signed certificates. But
don’t worry, they’re also reasonably priced; works start at $90 and go
up to about $375.

Some pieces have more obvious kid-appeal than others, but what seems to bind the collections together are bright colors, optimistic colors and themes, and a certain whimsy. In other words, no angry grizzly bear holding a bloody comb and a scythe in some kind of political metaphor. -Betsy

Order limited-edition prints from New Editions and check back often as their list of contributing artists changes all the time.


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