At the NY Gift Show last week, there were so many fabulous things I couldn’t wait to run back and tell you all about. (These blisters? All for you, dahlings.) One of the very first booths I stumbled into featured the simply wonderful home and garden decor from These Creatures and I’ve been virtually decorating my kids’ room with them ever since.

This bicoastal brother-sister shop (Andrew Fink is a Seattle metal worker, Amy is a Brooklyn graphic artist) makes such lovely items out of powder coated steel, I kind of want all of them. From the bright, modern bookends to the wall hooks to the bird feeders, all which feature cut images of birds, flowers, or a rocket ship blasting into space, who couldn’t use a little cheer in some dreary corner or forgotten bit of wall?

Flight to mars bookends | These Creatures home decor

They’ll even create custom work if you have a idea in mind. Rhinoceros doggie gate, anyone?

I love how committed Frank is to the animals that inspire a lot of his work, donating a good part of the profits to animal rescue organizations. And he’s just as committed to making everything in the U.S. Which is perfect. Because I happen to like buying those kinds of things too.

Find the bookends, wall hooks, pet bowls, and other home and garden decor online at These Creatures.

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