EIO Kids Cup
Last summer I tried my hand at canning. Let’s just say the results were less than spectacular. Fast forward to today when I’m watching my kids drink out of a pair of EIO Kids Cups. Abundance of empty, unused canning jars problem solved.

In case I’m seeming a little too vague here, I can explain. 

The EIO Kids Cup is a brilliantly designed little sippy cup that’s not
really a sippy cup. It consists of a glass jar, a cute silicone sleeve
(which makes the glass much easier to hold) and a BPA-, phthalate-,
PVC-free plastic lid. And the glass is actually a standard-size 8 oz. canning jar, so if it ever does break, let’s just say my kids are set for life.

Now, it’s not leak-proof. That’s really not
the point of it. It’s a cup that helps beginning cup-drinkers perfect
the fine art of drinking. And with no valve to wash (or lose) and
dishwasher-safe components, I’m loving the ease of using this cup.

Truth be told, both of my kids are past the age of needing the
lid–not that they’re letting that stop them from asking for it each
time they want a drink. And the thing I really love about this cup is
that it can be used for years and years since you can just leave the lid
out of the picture. If your kids let you, that is. –Stephanie

Find the EIO Kids Cup online at shops like The Soft Landing and Mighty Nest.

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