Keith Haring art for kids
I can’t tell you how much I admire teachers. My son has had some good ones and some great ones and what separates the two are that great teachers don’t just instruct, they inspire.

Haring Kids, a website based on the amazing artwork of Keith Haring, contains a database of more than 160 creative lesson plans that both parents and teachers can use to teach everything from shapes to social studies. 

Lesson plans are arranged by subject, age-range, and even
required materials with extensive descriptions of how a particular
school presented the program. One of my favorite hands-on activities is a
crayon flip-book
that teaches kids beginning geometric principals using a simple
animation project. It allows them to be super creative while learning
things like a square has four sides but can be morphed into a circle,
which has none.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
By far, my favorite aspects of the site are
the things that actually involve Keith Haring’s iconic drawings. You can
print coloring books to teach colors, interactive games and videos that
teach counting, exercises to promote abstract thinking (no pun intended) and some things that are
just plain fun. I found some of the lesson plans a little complicated,
but there are definitely some gems if you’re willing to rummage around a

If you’re a homeschooler, you’re in luck. Otherwise, don’t be shy about sending the link to your child’s teacher. Hopefully he or she will find it just as fabulous as we do. -Betsy

Check out the games for kids, educational projects and lesson plan database at Haring Kids Prepare to be inspired.

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