dedo faux fur message board
What’s cooler than a write-and-erase message board? Well, a lot of things. But for something that’s cooler and just as useful, check out the most outrageous message board we’ve ever seen.

This Dedo message board
from Portuguese artist Goncalo Campo happens to be made of faux fur and
uh, wow. Just drag your finger against the grain of the fur and there’s
your message. I kind of love the idea that there’s no chalk dust to
clean up underneath it, no stray marker lines that end up on the wall
next to it, and provided my kids can keep sticky hands and lollipop gunk
out of the fur, I think it’s simply brilliant.

Of course it’s expensive, as most limited edition art is. In fact, if
you’ve got your eye on this act now. At the time of posting, there’s
only 6 left. –Liz

[via design*sponge]

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