Educational kids' computer games - storybookI know a lot of parents aren’t into letting their kids play on the computer when they’re younger, but I have to confess I believe using computers is an incredibly effective way to teach children everything from colors to calculus.

For better, or worse, our kids live in a electronics culture, and if you choose wisely your kids can really benefit from the range of products out there. 

Made In Me
was founded by a Dad to both educate and to help his children think
creatively. I recently downloaded the free software and was blown away
by what I saw.

The program is designed by visual effects artists who
worked on Batman, so the graphics are absolutely stunning, yet sweet.
Designed to replicate a beautiful story book, there are six “chapters,” starting with Size, Shape and Color where
the animal characters take turns imagining
themselves as different size, shape and colored creatures. Children get
to make decisions along the way and a prompt box encourages discussions
between parents and children.
A text box allows children (or parents for the younger ones) to change
the imaginary creations from big to small, green to blue, by changing
the words in the sentence above–a great way to learn the importance of

Although this chapter is really geared towards the
pre-school set my 10-year-old actually had a lot of fun playing around
with it.
Each chapter also comes with extras like print outs to create finger
puppets and pictures to hang up of their creations. But the best way to
understand what Made In Me is about is to watch the video on the home page.

truly love this program, and the best part is that your kids won’t even
realize they’re learning. Shhh, we’ll just keep that between us.–Betsy

The first, Shape, Size and Color is free, but the additional chapters are £6.95 (approximately $10), however they’re 50% off with a CMP discount code “coolmom.Download chapters at