Cute animal t-shirts - help rescue pets
My kids love animals. Like the kind of love that renders our cat somewhat helpless when they come at him with hugs and kisses on an hourly basis.

 If it were up to them, our house would be a veritable Noah’s Ark, but since I’m just not open-minded enough to welcome a pig, puppy, hedgehog, snake, hamster, fish and goodness knows what else into the house (and, really, we all know who would be taking care of this animal menagerie), I’ve got an alternative.

I know they’ll love the t-shirts from I Rescue Rover instead. Okay,
so a t-shirt isn’t going to love them back, but the fantastic graphics
and sweet animal images will surely excite them. And the philanthropic
spirit of the company will excite me since I Rescue Rover is dedicated to
helping dogs and other animals in need through donations, rescue,
education and more. What’s not to love about that? 

So now, the next time my daughter insists that we need a pug just like the neighbor’s, I’ll toss her the lovely Pug Darling Graphic Tee (and, heck, maybe even the matching dog tee for her to give to the little
fellow down the street). And when my son tells me he wants to bring yet
another bug into the house, I’m hoping the Cricket Lucky Graphic Tee will be just the thing to appease his entomological urges.

Now I also know exactly
what I’m getting my sister (the professional dog walker) for her
birthday. –Stephanie


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