letterpress birthday card
My birthday is coming up tomorrow (happy birthday me!) which means I have cards on the brain. If not in the mailbox. As much as I love ecards and send them with abandon, there’s still something nice about getting something in the mail that’s not a bill, a bill, or a bill. Or a political solictiation. Feel the same way?

I’m kind of in love with the hand letterpress cards from Minneapolis’s Zeichen Press.
That is, when I’m not feeling jealous that I didn’t come up with them. A
writer feeling jealous of a greeting card writer? That’s saying

viva la groovy
cards are all printed on 100% recycled, or tree-free cotton paper and
feature charming vintage art which contrasts with the cheeky messages.
You know there are times you’ve wanted to send a congratulations card
saying I’m glad you’re having a baby and I’m not and the ladies behind Zeichen know it too. And for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the birthday card that reads Does this sandwich make me look old?  Or the totally random, Viva la groovy.

I suppose I have a warped sense of humor. I’m glad Fran and Jen Shea do too. –Liz

Find fabulous birthday cards, new baby cards, holiday cards and more at Zeichen Press

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