My kids really love their stuffed animals, but not knowing what the heck most of these piles of fur are made of, I kind of wish they’d love them a little less. And after seeing a new organic line of plush toys that is not only safe for all ages, but totally environmentally friendly, I wish I could replace my kids’ piles of stuffed toys with these adorable critters.

San Francisco’s Apple Park makes organic plush toys that look like the kind of creatures my kids would adore, but are made with a lot more care for the environment. And for the kids who will clutch them in their arms.

From the 100% organic cotton to the natural silk, non-toxic recycled plastics and sustainably-grown corn filler, soy fiber and hemp, Apple Park’s line of stuffed animals, baby toys, rattles and blankets is also naturally hypo-allergenic—a huge plus in my sneezy household.

I also love that Apple Park was created by a few women with an idea for a line of safe baby toys, and not around some board room table with some suits and a focus group. And when mother-of-two Angie Ting and the mother-daughter team Susan and Chloe Pate found a place to manufacture their toys, they turned their production facility into the first organic soft toy factory in China to be certified by Global Organic Textile Standard: So awesome.

Apple Seed Rattle

Also awesome is their original toy, the range of Picnic Pals, which come packaged in the most adorable cardboard apple making it a thoughtful new baby or first birthday present. Or grab the cute Apple Seed Rattle and watch your baby chomp on it. Don’t worry; it is, of course, organic.

You’ll find many of the organic plush dolls and baby gifts from Apple Park from Amazon, or on their website.