elephant nursery art
I’m having a thing for wooden decor lately; not sure if it’s the fall in the air, or the fact that I spent way too long at Bo Concept last weekend drooling over dining room tables. Either way, I keep reimagining my apartment with more wooden accents. So when I saw the new nursery art designs by Patricia Zapata, I nodded furiously. Yes! Yes!

This lovely children’s animal art
is actually 3-dimensional, which is what makes it so interesting; a cut
paper illustration provides the background for a wooden elephant,
bunny, whale, duck or perennial favorite, cute owl. Can’t choose? Good
thing they’re affordable. Also a good thing they’ll look adorable in a
set of two or three. –Liz

Find the limited eidtion children’s art by Patricia Zapata online at A Little Hut

[via ohdeedoh]


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