Cynthia Rowley band-aidsGot a blister from your Louboutins? Catch your finger on your Dolce & Gabbana trench zipper? Well, you can now tend to your designer inflicted wounds with fashion designer and mom Cynthia Rowley’s new designer Band-Aids.

Yes, yes, they’re a little over the top, but c’mon – I actually they’re pretty cute (love the sequins!), and a fun change from plain bandages. Or worse, the Dora ones that I grab for myself in a pinch and make me feel like I’m a walking advertisement for Nick Jr.

Not surprisingly, designer Band-Aids aren’t cheap, but on the bright side, $1 from each purchase goes to Design Ignites Change, a very cool organization aimed to inspire and assist teens and college students so they can address social issues in their own community.

Besides, when will you ever get an under $10 reason to say, “I’m wearing a Cynthia Rowley?” -Kristen

Surprise! The new Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids are sold out at Target. But they are at the Cooper Hewitt museum shop. Like all fashion, this is only avail for a limited time so stock up now.