Rockin Baby Sling
I more than happily paid full price for my Rockin’ Baby Sling, and considering I wore it almost every day for six months with two out of my three kids, it was well worth it. But they’re currently selling all their stock for an exciting relaunch early next year, which means you can score amazing deals on one for yourself.

There’s a reason why these were both Liz and my all time favorite sling, in particular their rockin’ baby pouch, which features gorgeous fabrics and a super smart zipper system that makes it adjustable without having to deal with a sometimes challenging ring. Every time we get an email from a mom saying, “I’m a sling spaz but really want to try one,” this is what we recommend.

All this plus fantastic workmanship that has kept my sling in almost brand new condition for my 4th kiddo (coming soon!) even with a whole lot of wear.

The slings are priced to fly off the shelves at $40. Um, whoa! I suggest snatching one (or more) up now. That is unless I beat you to it. -Kristen

Grab a Rockin’ Baby Sling baby carrier for just $40 while supplies last! Hurry!

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