I don’t know about your kids’ book collection, but my son’s always looks like a cyclone tore through it. And as I’ve found out the hard way, toy trucks make pretty rotten bookends.

Enter these insanely cute forest friends bookends from Graphic Spaces Wood. Each of the 10 creatures, including Orson the Owl, Finley the Fox, Mabel the Mushroom and Eugene the Sapling, is laser-cut from sturdy walnut. While they’re not super-cheap, each bookend is handmade with love in a family woodshop (very Pinocchio!), lined with protective cork and branded with a birthdate.

I love that you can mix and match the bookends to create your own unique set. This is exactly the kind of gift I would be psyched to open at my baby shower–a million times more original than your receiving blanket. Organization has never been so adorable. –Melissa

[via milkoverdose]

Find adorable children’s bookends and more at Graphic Spaces Wood.


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