Lucky Diaz Luckiest Adventure
After watching a few seasons of Top Chef, I now know what an amuse bouche is: a bite-size appetizer that is supposed to give you an idea of the chef’s approach–and hopefully make you hungry for more.

And though Lucky Diaz’s 15 minute debut EP is more than a single “bite” of songs, this short collection of excellent music has us all eager for what he’ll put together next.

Lucky Diaz’s downloadable EP, Luckiest Adventure, kicks offf with a retro bass line in the danceable Blue Bear, a song about a big ol’ bear who is soooooo hunnnngry. The bear’s empty-belly pleas weave in and out of this super-fun song featuring handclaps, an infectious chorus and Lucky Diaz’s mellow, cool voice.

Explorer takes the tempo down a notch with a lovely acoustic piece about a child’s insatiable curiosity. And I love that the one song about a firefighter is about a girl and includes backup singers that sound like they are straight out of a 50’s tune.

Even when covering the sung-to-death-in-our-household This Old Man, this LA musician voice turns a nursery rhyme into a mellow pop gem that gets just silly enough to make you remember that this one is for the kids. Worth a download for sure. -Christina

Download Lucky Diaz’s debut kids’ music EP Luckiest Adventure at itunes.

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