Reusable produce bagsI switched over to reusable grocery bags at the supermarket a long time before I managed to break the plastic produce bag habit, I confess. Because back then, the only “produce” options seemed to be bulky cotton bags that added weight (and therefore cost).

But with Flip & Tumble’s new mesh produce bag set,
you’re equally good to go at the farmer’s market or the grocery
store. They fold down to next to nothing when not in use, and they’re
machine washable, too. 

While you’re there, check out their new 24-7 Minis,
too. How adorable are those? Perfect for kids to have their own totes,
or to carry your lunch, or to stash in your purse for a just-in-case
My name is Mir, and I’m a bagaholic. I’m okay with that. -Mir

Check out the mesh produce bags, 24-7 Minis, and more at Flip & Tumble.