You loved Awkward Family Photos. You haz a cheezburger. You enjoy a good FAIL. Now we’ve found one more awesome place to waste even more time on the web.

At Young Me Now Me, regular people re-stage their childhood photos in hilarious ways. This
giggle-inducing new(ish) blog by online performance artist Ze Frank has
me aching to sort through that huge box of unmarked photos in my mom’s
attic to find something funny that doesn’t involve a leotard. The user-contributed content ranges from old women recreating the somber
sepia-toned portraits of their childhood, to grown men swaddling
themselves in blankets with pacifiers.

The funniest ones, of course,
include mimicked expressions and elaborate homemade costumes, because
red and white-striped overalls are hard to come by in a men’s size

there’s one thing I love in life, it’s adults having childlike fun, and
that includes guys riding giant turtles and dads helping their grown
kids slam dunk the old basketball.~Delilah

Check out the Young Me Now gallery or favorites blog courtesy of Ze Frank



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