Bumble Ink's holiday cardsAt the first sign of snow, every parent in our neighborhood bundles up their little dumplings and runs outside with three or four cameras– because it’s Georgia, and we go crazy over a little snow. But when we get back inside, the photos are ruined by slushy bits and gray clouds and smudgy fingers and babies crying because 1/4 inch of snow doesn’t really make concrete soft. Not exactly holiday card material.

The best solution I’ve seen? Having professional artists take the most amazing photo you’ve got and transplant your little darling onto this adorable holiday card.

CMP favorite Bumble Ink’s new holiday photo cards have loads of great choices, but I just long to see rosy baby cheeks
surrounded by snowflakes. Who am I kidding–I want my baby to
look like the baby that’s already on the card, spliced right into that
adorable hat.

Once you send in your own photo, the folks at
Bumble Ink will put together the card for you and even make your photo
black and white, if you’d like. Then they send you a proof and print
your snow bunny on 100% recycled card stock.

And then you send it out to
everyone you know, and they tell you how clever you are, and how
ridiculously attractive your children are. ~Delilah

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