baccala shirt
I may be the biggest fan of the tees from Wooster St Meats on the planet, perhaps because I’ve got a sigOth who’s the biggest fan of meat on the planet.

I’ve now gotten him a couple for various holiday gifts, and after seeing their latest offering, he’s about to get his third.

This year, the guys have introduced a baccala shirt, to celebrate the joys of salt cod. Basque, Italian, and Portugese food fans will totally get it. I’m talking to you, David Leites.

The shop also has shirts to let your man proclaim his love for proscuitto, capicola, or canolis–and throw in a matching baby onesie too. I have yet to see a guy that doesn’t open these deli-wrapped shirts and stand there smiling big. –Liz

Find tees celebrating your favorite Italian delicacies for men, women and babies at Wooster St Meats


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