Little AlouetteIt’s like Miss America for crafters, and you’re a judge. But there’s no Miss Congeniality. This one’s all about looks, and you only get one vote.

Actually, it’s the competition for Martha Stewart’s annual Holiday Craft Fair at her company headquarter in NYC. Vendor spots are highly competitive and you can vote for your faves.

Kiki & PollyOf course, we’re always excited to see handmade, gorgeous crafts in the limelight, but we’re especially proud to know that two of CMP’s favorite mom-run businesses are among the finalists. There’s perpetual craft crush Little Alouette, who makes gorgeous wood toys and teethers in charming shapes; plus the delightful Kiki & Polly, whose evocative portrait paintings and chic kid-centric prints are perennial gift guide faves around here.

Of course, all the other crafters in the contest are pretty cool, too.~Delilah

Vote for the finalists in the Martha Stewart holiday craft sale contest before November 12, or just check out some artists cool enough to make the list.

To attend the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft sale on December 4 in NYC, find details on the Martha Stewart website.

[h/t laura mayes]