A to Z animal silhouette printSure, Z is Zebra. But A is Aardvark, and N is Narwhal.

And that’s how you win my heart– with unusual animals and hand-drawn art.

This charming and retro-esque alphabet of animal silhouettes by Etsy artist besty
perfectly straddles the line between beautiful and kitschy with appeal
for kids and stylish moms alike. I can see it in an ornate wood frame
tarted up with a coat of sky blue enamel in a nursery. Or in my
downstairs hallway, surrounded by clay birds.

Compiled of other
original drawings available in the store, this delightful alphabet print
comes to you printed professionally on heavyweight paper in archival
inks guaranteed to last hundreds of years. And it includes a dugong instead of dog, which is a major bonus for me.

You might also like the adorable hand-printed linocuts on 100% cotton baby onesies,
including a couple of very subtly done holiday designs. I especially
like the lovey dovey deer. Not as much as the dugong, though.  -Delilah

Find the A to Z animal silhouette poster, individual animal silhouettes, and all sorts of lovely, hand-printed stuff in besty’s Etsy shop.