Holiday greeting card with calendarI love the idea of giving out a little something more than a holiday card to my friends and family. Of course, I wish I could give everyone a gift, but since money doesn’t grow on trees, here’s another idea.

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The WOOD Holiday Greeting Cards
at Night Owl Paper Goods are adorable as a step up from a card but
maybe not quite a gift. Made from eco-friendly birch wood, they have a
personalized image on one side, and a calendar on the other. That way family
and friends can remember you all year round.

Another plus? These cards look really expensive, but they’re not. -Elizabeth

Visit Night Owl Paper Goods and see their selection of WOOD Holiday Greeting Cards. Order by November 30 and save 20% on your order.

And, early birds who place their order before 11/22 will get a $50 gift card for a future purchase! Whoo!

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