Plum Organics Super PuffsThe latest rage at our house isn’t candy. Or even the colorful vegetables that might end up spit-splattered across your blouse if baby isn’t into beets. No, this exciting new pick is healthy, delicious, beautiful, and handy.

And, honestly, kinda half candy and half vegetable, as far as baby is concerned.

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The new Organic Super Puffs by Plum Organics (read all about them here) may be the only
reason my two-year old knows his colors. Made from USDA-certified
organic ingredients, they include real fruits, veggies, and whole grains
with no wheat or artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. And they’re
apparently delicious.

There are five flavors in BPA-free,
recyclable canisters that make a great first snack for budding teethers, and they fit surprisingly well in cup holders in your car and strolller. (Although they’re a little top-heavy for my pantry, at
least they’re so light they don’t leave a bruise when they fall on your
At $2.99 per canister, the price is competitive,

This may sound minor, but my favorite thing is that despite their attractive colors, they don’t
stain as much as other brands.

There is a little bit of added
sugar, with 1g per serving total in a 6 serving canister. But it’s a
decent trade for the fruits and veggies. I’ve enjoyed watching my kids
eat the rainbow and spend twenty minutes playing with the colorful puffs
while I sneak the actual Skittles from their hidden Halloween candy.

When asked which flavor my kids liked
best, their answer was, Purple-pink-green-orange-yellow more please. ~Delilah

Plum Organics Super Puffs are available in five flavors at Babies R Us, and you can purchase them online here.

ulations to Danielle, lucky winner of the assortment of Super Puffs!