The temperature is dropping, and that means I must face my daily terror: Five Minutes of Goosebumps. You know– when you get out of a hot shower and spend five minutes freezing and fumbling as you slather your skin with lotion?

The good news: Soaptopia has a cool, natural new way to keep the goosebumps away.

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It’s called an Oil Slather,
and it comes in ten scent combinations to intrigue every nose. Here’s
how it works: At the end of your shower, preferably after using some
delicious Soaptopia handmade soap, you slather yourself with a few pumps
of Oil Slather and then rinse it off. The lovely blend of six different
oils soaks right into your skin, infusing it with vitamins and
moisture. And then you just get out and dry off and get dressed and
laugh at Jack Frost and his goosebumpifying minions, because you’ve been

I tried the YOUcalyptUS Oil Slather, and I’m
thrilled with how it works, although the smell is a little medicinal for my
personal tastes. Unless you’re big into eucalyptus–or you’re a
koala bear– you might prefer Dr. V’nilla, Bohemian Rose, or one of the
other scents

I also love the adorably packaged handmade soaps which are eco-friendly, vegan, free of nasty chemicals, and made with
delicious oils and all-natural ingredients. And the 50/50 Body Balm. But, to be honest, I haven’t needed extra lotion since I
started Oil Slathering, and I like it that way.~Delilah

Visit the Soaptopia website for handmade soaps, Oil Slathers, and more, and use code CMPLURV and save 15% off your order.

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Congratulations to our five lucky Gratitude soap winners – RJ, Andrea, Jeannine, Kindra, and Teresa!


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