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Sure, certain social media sites may be trying to take over the world and will soon probably track your bathing habits. But boy, we love social networking. And boy, we love supporting little guys (or gals), the Indie retailers rockin’ their own trail.

So we are so excited to find this fabulous new site that’s like Etsy meets Facebook. And best of all, it’s completely free.

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Presenting Storenvy, a super cool new site with over 2000 stores that let you shop for pretty
much anything indie-made and receive personal service. The “like” feature works
like Digg or Kirtsy, so you can help catapult your favorite stuff to stardom. And
there are absolutely no fees– not for selling, not for buying, not for
maintaining a fully customizable shop.

Follow users, follow stores, ‘like’ pretty much anything, share
through Facebook and Twitter, and even check-out with one big ol’ cart
across the entire site. And browsing is lots of fun, too. Check it out and unearth cool finds like a 2011 time traveler calendar, lovely women’s tees from Seer Clothing, and even music downloads.

PaperAcorn Cardboard Gift Box
We assure you you’re in good hands with Storenvy, as the brains behind the beauty are indie sellers themselves. Willo of CMP crush WilloToons met up with Jon and Janette Crawford of Fashion Loves People, and boom – this awesome idea was born.

So go have a geektastic shopping experience on Storenvy and know your dollars are going towards the hard-working indies that make life interesting.~Delilah

Check out the new social shopping site Storenvy right in time for the holidays!  And if you love WilloToons
as much as we do (because who doesn’t want a shirt or silky-soft onesie
that says eat. sleep. rock. repeat., seen above?), you can get 15% off for a limited time with code


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