Cool kids' clothes by Kids Ink
If you’re a mama (which you probably are) who dresses her children in clothes (which you probably do), and you read Cool Mom Picks (which you do!) you know there is a plethora of cute kids’ clothing from which to choose. There are days my preschooler dresses way better than I do.

But there’s nothing I’ve seen quite like Kids Ink, which works with actual artists making clothes inspired by pop art and cultures from around the world.

love the David Bowie Sequin Shift Dress,
which is sparkly and cutely rock-n-roll, but still kid-comfortable–it’s a soft, stretchy fabric, and the “sequins” are courtesy of a
foil. The hoodies are soft, warm, and crazy-cute in colorful patterns and prints. And they all come from established and up-and-coming artists.

Kids Ink is also environmentally conscious, using a sublimation printing
process (meaning it doesn’t produce water waste) and recycling the paper used
to transfer patterns onto the clothing. And, oh yeah–Kids Ink
manufactures everything in the U.S., using fabrics mostly from U.S.
season, the company incorporates the work of different artists into its
line. So each piece of clothing is going to be creative, fun, and
unique–you know, just like your kiddo. -Lexi

Kids Ink‘s online store is now open! Or find their funky prints at Olie Bollen, The Retro Baby, Daniela Jay, Tutti Bella, Lil Swanky, and The Tiny Dot.

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