Eco fleece ponchos for girls
Considering the battle that awaits me each day just to get my two-year-old to wear pants, you can probably imagine what it’s like trying to get a coat on her. Let’s just say I’ve thought about just not leaving the house for the next six months or so until it warms up again.

But thankfully, there are fantastic coat alternatives – like adorable Peri Ponchos that might just mean one less tantrum in my day.

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These lovely, warm ponchos are 100% eco fleece, a thick, soft fabric
made from recycled plastic bottles that will keep your little ones
toasty. The special details, like the decorative edging and hood tassel,
make them dressy, but certainly not anything your kiddo has to sit
around and look pretty in.

Peri Ponchos are definitely made to stand the test of
very active girls. Now if only I could get them to double as pants. I
guess you can’t win them all. -Kristen

Purchase the eco fleece ponchos at Starlooks Boutique which features items almost exclusively made in the US. And get 15% off your purchase with code CMP2010.

Congratulations to Alice H, lucky winner of the poncho from Peri Ponchos!


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