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I do the vast majority of my communicating via email but I still love sending and receiving handwritten notes, opening a really cool party invitation or getting an almost-too-nice-to-write-on notepad for my desk. (Don’t worry, I’ll write on it.)

In fact, give me a handcrafted journal or a quirky print to hang on my wall, and I’ll consider you a soul sister.

Maybe that’s why I can find so many things I’d love to scoop up from this great online shop with really cool, interesting paper items made by designers from all over the globe that I won’t often see in the big card or gift stores by

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If you worry that “paper” equals “cut down trees”, you’ll be impressed by the super-eco finds at New York’s Felt & Wire Shop’s like the 2011 Midcentury Modern Letterpress Calendar by Pistachio Press (shown at top) which uses 100% tree-free cotton paper. And Ink+Wit’s super-cute Foxy Friends in Paris will have my kids dreaming of croissants while I can feel tres bien about it being printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

paper yarn bracelet
Felt & Wire goes way beyond calendars and poster prints though. In the “I didn’t know you could do this with paper” category is Vienna’s PaperPhine whose Delicate Paper Yarn Necklace/Bracelet (at right) calls to mind what I’ve seen Melissa Borrell do with metal.

You’ll also find some non-paper items here like the “Bless This Mess” organic cotton onesie by Brooklyn artist Sarah Stern. Could I get three of those in larger sizes for my kids? –Christina

Check out the mostly-paper curated items by designers and artists at Felt & Wire Shop.

EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! We have this whimsical Rainy Day Friends felt-and-bamboo mobile by Ink+Wit for one super-lucky reader (super-lucky since the mobile is no longer available for purchase!) To enter to win, send an email to contests@coolmompicks.com by midnight PT with INK+WIT in the subject line and the answer to this question: Please list four of the six product categories listed along the top of Felt & Wire Shop’s homepage.

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