There is only one real rule this holiday season if you are bringing a hostess gift to a dinner party or a weekend get-away: the gift has to be something your harried hostess would actually enjoy.

Okay, there is the secret second rule, which is that you can only regift an item to her if said item is in pristine condition and utterly removed from anyone in her family or social circle by no fewer than four degrees.

Instead of having to map out a flowchart of who knows whom and where the
salad bowl was before you got it, why not just buy her a fabulous
little something that will really make her delighted to see you?

The hand-made dipping dishes from Hope Johnson
are among the most vibrant and lovely I’ve ever seen. She calls the
line “handmade functional ceramics,” and while they certainly would be
useful during a meal, they’re also gorgeous enough to be hung on the
wall or placed just so on a table as art.

Your real issues will be choosing which one to buy and then how to hand it over. – Barbara

Find hand-made ceramics from the Hope Johnson Etsy shop.


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