You know how much we love giving things away to our readers. Especially this time of year. The way we see it, mamas don’t get year-end bonuses for changing 87 diapers in the dark or getting a kid to finally eat broccoli without ketchup.

And they should.

Well this may be your lucky month. Pop over to Cool Mom Tech right now for two awesome giveaways going on through the weekend. We’ve got a $1200 tech giveaway courtesy of the new CBS show The Talk, including a new high-tech vaccum, an HD camcorder and a brand new printer.

Plus for the second time this week, we’ve got 2 $500 Best Buy gift cards up for grabs, with several more to come over the coming days as part of our super fun Cool Mom Tech/Best Buy Wish List series.

Let’s just say your odds are better than winning $10 in a lottery scratch-off game.

It kind of makes us feel all happy and tingly inside to think of one of our regular readers winning. Good luck!  –Liz + Kristen

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