hostess gift - wooden honey dippersWhile Christmas is drawing ever so close, I know the hostess invitations and house visits will extend well into the new year. I can’t stop browsing hostess gifts, looking for something more interesting than candles or flower bouquets.

I think these handmade wooden honey dippers
are so architectural and gorgeous. Made by a Brooklyn artist out of
sustainable raised American maple, I’d think that’s cool enough in
itself. But when you look closely, and you see that the design is
actually meant to look like a honeybee–well, that’s even more special.

You can also splurge on the really amazing glass hive honey set, or simply pair the dipper with a good artisan-made honey (find a lot of choices online at Foodzie) and be ready to ring in a sweet New Year. –Liz

Find the wooden honey dippers from Etsy’s Biodidactic. Place orders by 12/20 to arrive by Xmas!