Green to Grow Mellow Anti-Colic BottleMy older three kids gave me a heck of a time when it came to taking a bottle, so with number four, I’m determined to find one that she not only takes, but doesn’t add to the challenge with extra gas.

And I may have just found the answer with the new Mellow bottles from Green to Grow.

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Now I’m not exactly a bottle expert, with my little breastfed baby
bottle snobs and all, but I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with
these – and it’s not just because my newborn actually took them.

most of the colic-relief bottles I’ve seen out there, the Mellow bottles
have only one part – the nipple – that’s designed with a special vent
to help circulate the air while the baby eats and equalize the pressure.
And in case you were wondering, the nipple is made from a medical grade
silicone that’s free of all the icky BPA, pthalates, lead and

So all this means less gas for your baby and less cleaning and keeping
tracking of all those little parts that most of the similar type bottles
tend to have. Works for me. And so far, works for my baby too! Whoo! -Kristen

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