timberland kids snow boot
I did this year what so many parents do, and I should know better by now: I bought the cheap kids’ snow boots for my daughter. I knew they weren’t really waterproof, but they seemed like they would suffice. Until the actual snow came. (All that snow!)

So I bit the bullet and invested in kids snow boots that actually will get us through winter. That is–a New York winter.

Many clicks around Zapoos and much agonizing later, I am beyond thrilled with our choice: The Timberland Kids Sugarberry Tall Boot. Yes, it’s way more than I’ve spent on winter boots for my kids. But then, we’ve had way more winter already.

The Timberlands boot is perfect in every way: It’s waterproof, it’s
tall, the lining is cushy and warm,  it’s got a drawstring at top to
keep the snow out. And it’s so so cute and comfortable, my daughter
pretty much never wants to take them off.

timberland kids winter boots
So it’s a good thing the
purple was sold out, because the black goes with everything. Including
pajamas and ballet tutus, as I’ve recently learned.

it’s also a good thing I bought them a little roomy. With what I spent, she’s definitely wearing these next year again.  –Liz

Find the Timberland Kids Snow Boots in black, purple and pink online at Zappos.

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