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It’s up to me to keep my kids’ schedules straight, but they still love to count down the days until the next big event, whether that day is a Saturday, their birthday, or the next candy holiday (Valentine’s Day, for the record).

Instead of giving them that freebie calendar I got from the bank, I’ve got my eye these three kid-friendly versions, each full of animal critters that would look great in their rooms every day of 2011.

I love the bright colors and wild-animal silhouettes on Printable Project’s Animal Calendar (at top)—I’d frame the illustrations to hang long after the year has passed. Super economical too, since I can print the cards from home and even reprint them if someone gets over-enthusiastic with the pen when marking off their birthday.

Fall Down Tree Calendar
If there’s a squirrel in my daughters’ bedroom it had better be from Fall Down Tree’s super-adorable Woodland Friends Calendar. With the wide-eyed cuteness we featured before (see it here) Adam Record’s distinctive critters even appeal to my stuffed-animal-loving tween. And I can thank goodness that I’ve dodged the Bieber calendar for another year.
ialbert calendar
I know 2011 is going to fly by a little too quickly, which is why I think having all the months on one sheet, as in this bright 2011 animal calendar by London’s Indira Albert, is pretty smart. The colors and quirkiness of the animals chosen—love the dinosaur next to the ducks—fits in perfectly with my oddball crew too. Christina
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