passport holder
I’m a big believer in traveling with kids. It’s never too early to expose them to other cities, other cultures, other foods, and hopefully, the ability to behave on an airplane. (Oh please oh please!)

I’m always looking for travel goodies that help them get excited for travel, from maps, to kids books about different cities, and even their own suitcases and travel gear. So I am just smitten with these lovely handmade passport holders.

While kids don’t need their own passport covers, these from Noei kind of makes me want them. A lot. All 7 styles are handmade with Japanese linen/cotton Shinzi Katoh fabric,

handmade passport holder
making them adorable for kids old enough to start carrying their own
passports–if you dare–or even for adults who like everything in their
life to be totally cute. Which they are. There’s even a slot for a
little notebook and a pen, so older kids can start taking notes about
all the places they’ve been.

What a beautiful way to prepare the next generation of world travelers.  –Liz

[via childmode]

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