Hygeia Breast PumpI’ve always been a pretty casual user breast pump user, since I work from home and rarely leave the baby (sigh). However this year, we decided to leave my littlest one with my mom for a few days so I could spend some quality time with my other three kiddos on a short jaunt. And that means my casual pumping was not going to cut it.

It was the perfect opportunity to try out a new breast pump that bills itself as a green breast pump, which helps to keep the 2 million pumps purchased each year out of the landfills.

Not only do I have a newfound respect for you full-time pumping mamas,
but I also have a new favorite breast pump: the Hygeia
Enjoye breast pump

At first glance, the Hygeia
looks pretty industrial – think hospital grade pump – but within
that little gray box is a lot of power and ingenuity.

The double pump
feature is extremely smooth and comfortable, which is a change from
what I’ve experienced with other pumps. And you’ll also find a super
cool recording feature which allows you to capture five seconds of your
baby cooing (or in my case, screaming) to help things along when you’re
pumping away from home. So awesome!

Here’s what’s really smart: The personal accessory set is completely
separate from the pump itself, meaning you can lend the Hygeia Enjoye
out, resell it, or even
recycle it
through Hygeia when you’re done. It’s about time someone figured that out. What that also means is that you can actually return the pump up to 3 weeks after
purchasing it if it’s not working out. Good thing, because these are not inexpensive pumps.

Hygeia Enjoye Breast PumpHowever if you want to save some cash, you can purchase the pump alone. Alternately, invest in the LBI model (pictured, right),
which includes an internal rechargeable 30-hour battery pack and a carrying case, and even add an External Battery Pack, if you want to leave the battery pack at work and simply commute with the smaller, lighter pump.

My only gripes: the Hygeia Enjoye comes with
only two 4-oz bottles, so I ended up pumping into a few wide mouth
bottles I had laying around the house. But that’s an easy fix. And the horns seemed a bit on the small size. So if I waited too long to pump, I had a bit of leakage. Though it might have been a little user error there too.

Now if only Hygeia could figure out how to get my baby to take a bottle from someone besides me. -Kristen

Purchase the Hygeia Enjoye breast pump at HygeiaBaby.com or check it out at a retailer near you.