When one scoop of detergent can take a toddler diaper Houdini’s bedspread from poop-ravaged nightmare to deliciously clean in just one wash, I have trouble holding back my enthusiasm.

Still, it takes more than that to impress me, and I’ve found a brand new laundry detergent that delivers.

This utterly rockin’ new Rockin Green detergent
is everything that we love. It’s eco-conscious and free of dyes,
phosphates, dioxins, parabens, SLS, and animal ingredients. It has
formulas for hard, soft, and regular water  But most importantly, it
really freakin’ works.

I’ve been using Rockin’ Green for several
weeks on all our family’s laundry and even tested it on our cloth
diapers– it got a 4-star rating on the Diaper Jungle Detergent Chart,
FYI. And it’s awesome. Our clothes are clean, they smell great, and not a
single one of us has had any sort of reaction or rash, which is my
biggest fear for my kids’ sensitive skin. I even used it on towels,
sheets, pillow cases, and undies. And for every test, for every load, it
just keeps rockin’ harder.

Besides, you have to love scents with names like Mighty Mighty Marshmallow,
Lavender Mint Revival (my fave), Motley Clean, and Bear Naked Baby.

For those who rock the cloth diapers and Rockin’ Green, we salute you.~Delilah

Buy this awesome new green laundry detergent from the Rockin Green website. Because it rocks, and it’s green.

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